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    LG’s innovative solutions ensure cleaner homes for a healthier and more productive UAE


    LG’s innovative solutions ensure cleaner homes for a healthier and more productive UAE

    Boasting smart, green and convenient features, LG’s consumer-centric PuriCare Air Purifiers and Hom-Bots are playing a big role in the wellbeing of UAE’s residents


    DUBAI, Apr. 30, 2018 — Asthma and other chronic respiratory illnesses affect millions across the globe and the UAE is no exception. In a research report by the Department of Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Unit, Rashid Hospital – Dubai Health Authority, UAE, the total direct cost of asthma in Dubai was about 88 million Dirhams. Medication and ER visits alone accounted for 36 percent of this cost. Asthma also had an impact on absenteeism from school and work, resulting in loss of productivity across many industries.


    One of the easiest ways of tackling the challenge of poor air quality is to start with the home, ensuring that the indoor environment is free of dust, particulate matter and other harmful pollutants that adversely affect respiratory health. Unbeknownst to many UAE residents, chemicals from household air fresheners, deodorants, detergents, and other chemical-based cleaning agents tend to linger in the air long after they are used. Poor ventilation and improper maintenance of air conditioning vents often leads to the accumulation of these harmful chemicals. Combined with other particulate matter, this could lead to various health complications. LG believes that healthy homes equals healthy and productive people, and understands the need for smart, green and innovative solutions to improve indoor air quality, and have consequently developed a line of PuriCare Air Purifiers and vacuum cleaners to create safe and healthy indoor environments.


    LG’s range of PuriCare Air Purifiers are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) to remove 99.97 percent of airborne particles, including ultra-fine dust, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), harmful gases like formaldehyde, smog, and allergens. The Smart Indicator has a user-friendly colour-coded LED system that constantly displays current air quality inside the room. With SmartThinQ connectivity, consumers can even monitor the indoor air quality of their homes when they are away, on their smartphones.


    “At LG Electronics, our goal is to enhance peoples’ lives and productivity through our innovations by offering integrated consumer-centric solutions that work together in perfect harmony to guarantee customer’s health and wellbeing. We are proud to offer our customers products that go beyond being lifestyle accessories and become an integral part of a healthy environment that benefits all,” said Mr. Yong Geun Choi, President, LG Electronics Gulf.


    Like LG’s innovative air purifiers, LG’s advanced home vacuuming solutions like the robotic Hom-Bot and the LG CordZero offer consumers piece of mind when it comes to ensuring the home is a clean and healthy space. The Hom-Bot eliminates tiny microbes, dust mites and harmful bacteria in the house that could lead to adverse respiratory health. They are designed to be efficient and autonomous, making it a great time-saving choice for those constantly on the move with little time to clean at home. Meanwhile, the LG CordZero is a sleek, ergonomically designed, user-friendly and efficient vacuum cleaner to deal with any surface that needs cleaning at home. It effortlessly handles all your vacuuming needs, while being light and cord-free for the ultimate in portability and ease-of-use. Its extended battery capacity allows you to clean your entire home on a single charge.


    LG Electronics provides cutting edge technology to its consumers to ensure that they live healthy and productive lives. So take charge of the health of your home today and improve the wellbeing of your loved ones with LG’s innovative, green and smart products.


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    About LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company

    The LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company is a global leader in home appliances, smart home solutions, air quality systems as well as futuristic products featuring artificial intelligence. The company is creating total solutions for the home with its industry leading core technologies and is committed to making life better for consumers around the world by developing thoughtfully designed kitchen appliances, living appliances and air solution products. Together, these products deliver enhanced convenience, superb performance, efficient operation and compelling health benefits. For more information, visit www.ccc-sh.net/ae.


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