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    The Cheat Sheet For Your Next Tv Purchase


    With an ever expanding range of TV options available in the market today, it is important to know what features are on offer and what features are really going to work for you before purchasing your next TV. The list of features currently available is quite extensive and can be tricky to navigate, whether it’s 4K resolution, an impressive colour ratio, curved screens, or smart functionality.

      OLED TV


    Questions to consider for an outstanding display include elements of colour ratio, motion clarity, or even more simply, screen size. When a TV is able to fulfil those requirements the action on screen will unsurprisingly come to life much more impressively. LG’s OLED TV range is one example of exceling in all three fields. Their cutting-edge LED technology utilises self-lightening pixels, making sure to provide perfect black and perfect colour visuals. 

    LG’s picture quality results in vivid imagery with the richest colour ratio available on screen. HD resolution is important for viewing pleasure as it equals sharper clarity, but new 4K screen resolution moves beyond HD quality, with four times the resolution of a full HD 1080p screen. It delivers that action-packed car chase as a blur free, seamless sequence. 4K resolution is a feature available in both LG’s OLED TV and Ultra HD range, providing a wider choice to consumers. 


    In an age where staying connected is crucial, don’t forget about smart TV capabilities.  This makes it easier to connect and transmit content from external devices without losing audio or video quality. With a webOS platform and HDMI connectivity, LG’s TV line up offers an interactive entertainment hub for all your needs. 

    Aesthetics also play an important role in trying to create the perfect home entertainment centre. One of the more popular features is monitor size. The larger the display, the easier it is to become immersed in the world on screen. Yet for a truly stunning feast for the senses check out for LG’s curved screens, for ultra-enhanced viewing angles. The same high quality image is projected regardless of your seating position, and with LG’s Ultra HD screens scaling up to an impressive 55 and 65 inches, it becomes easy to experience the cinema in the comfort of your living room.


    All these features combined create the perfect cheat sheet to take to your next electronic shopping trip at the mall. LG’s premium TV family happens to ticks all the boxes, making your home entertainment experience a whole new affair.