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    July 8, 2009 – Lagos, Nigeria: LG Electronics, recently in Lagos, treated select members of the public to a sound demo ahead of the official launch of its LG HT964TZ Champagne II home theatre into the Nigerian market. The LG HT964TZ is scheduled to be launched into the Nigerian market soon.


    The Champagne II sound demo event started on an extra-ordinary note and so attendees were not prepared for the concert-like sound experience that they were treated to when the demo proper began. The Demonstrators who controlled the sound with a remote control explained that the new Champagne II comes with the LG Sound Gallery with a built-in professional Digital Sound Processor which ensures ideal sound, enhancing clarity in dialogue and creating a multi-channel surround effect. Sound Gallery provides a range of settings for entertainment choices ranging from movies to music


    Speaking at the event, General Manager, Media Marketing division, LG Electronics, Mr. Hee Chan Han said, “We are using the sound demo to prepare ground for the official launch which comes up in a few days. We believe it will help our consumers appreciate the energy that has gone into ensuring that the new Champagne II is built to give them the best listening experience.”


    The Champagne II is the first Home Theater system to incorporate seven distinct sound modes including “Night Mode” and “Game Equalizer”. These settings, available through the LG Sound Gallery offer the right sound for the right time and allows users the opportunity to conveniently switch moods as they deem fit.


    Mr. Han further added, “Champagne II focuses on delivering ideal sound quality that offers everything in sound for all occasions in ways that afford consumers opportunities to be fully immersed in their choice of music, movies and other forms of entertainment content that appeal to their personality. It also demonstrates leadership in audio products and commitment to delivering high-end technological in-put in product formulation.”


    LG Champagne II has been further enhanced with the relocation of the subwoofers from the sides of the speakers, as it was in the earlier version, to the front to deliver deeper and natural bass at a faster delivery rate of sounds.  It was also revealed that the Champagne II was specially tuned by Mr. Mark Levinson, the guru of high- end audio who has been designing high-end audio equipment for discerning listeners for 35 years


    Mr. Mohammed Fouani during his remarks added, “ultimately, what we want to achieve with Champagne II is to transform the audio-visual experience in such a way that when people listen to music, consumers should feel as if they are actually in the concert hall just as when watching movies, the enhanced sound effects should give viewers the impression they are actually there in the movie. With the HT964TZ, we are bringing the full cinema experience into the living room”, he stated.