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    Lagos, March 11, 2011 – LG Electronics, the global leader in consumer electronics, has unveiled its new Multi V III air conditioner to the Nigerian market, a growing market for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units. The move came as LG looks to place more emphasis on its business to business in Nigeria, where the demand for energy-saving technology is growing rapidly.

     The launch of the Multi V III which is LG Electronics’ newest HVAC solution is evident of the electronic giant’s drive to always be ahead of competition and lead in innovation. With its stable and efficient heating system, Multi V III is expected to gain significant market share in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

     The brand has three unique benefits which the consumer stands to enjoy. These are the higher energy efficiency, bigger capacity, and longer piping design. The unit’s increased energy efficiency which receives a boost by LG’s unique inverter compressor V-Scroll and HiPORTM [1] (High Pressure Oil Return) technology, delivers a COP level (coefficient of performance) of 4.6, one of the highest in the industry and achieves a reduced oil circulation from the conventional 2.5 to 0.35. It thus consumes less energy than competition.

     LG’s proprietary HiPORTM 1 technology enables the compressor to return the oil directly to a high level of pressure instead of the low levels on conventional AC units. By minimizing unnecessary recompressing in the lower pressure level, HiPORTM 1 reduces energy losses and increases COP levels by up to 3%.              

    By connecting four 20 HP units, Multi V III can produce 80 HP which is the world’s biggest-level capacity per unit. As the more compact AC unit in its class, Multi V III takes up 38% less space in its 20 HP unit and is extremely straight forward and maintained. So, fewer units are needed thus saving valuable space. 

    With a longer piping length up to 1,000m and a level difference of 110m between ODU (Out door Unit) and IDU (In door unit), the Multi V III provides optimum solution for high-rise buildings. Another superb feature of the Multi V III is its continuous heating system, which maintains a pleasant indoor temperature without any heat loss from defrosting. 

    “As a company with a great focus on producing energy saving and efficient products, we are happy to introduce the Multi V III into the Nigerian market,” commented Mr. Peter Ko, General Manager, LG Electronics Air conditioning and Energy Solution  division, West Africa Operations.“With this product in the market, we are in a better position to work with our dealers and business partners to make LG the No. 1 provider of smart and efficient HVAC solutions.”