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    LG to launch GM 200 dual speaker Mobile Phone



    Contemporary leader in mobile communications design, LG Electronics Nigeria, has advanced plans to launch the LG-GM200, otherwise known as the world’s first three-way surround sound dual side speaker phone, into the market.

    The General Manager, Mobile Communications, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, Mr. Steve Koh, who made this disclosure at the weekend, said that LG-GM200 was designed to meet the in-trend demand of the contemporary life style, and comes with an MP3 Music and a wireless FM Radio capability that also allows for recording and editing even while in-play.

    He pointed out that the LG-GM200 is suitable for on-the-go life pattern of the increasingly urbane population as its dual side speakers, located in opposite sides of the phone produces a three-way surround sound playable with utmost clarity and possibilities in loudness, while its powerful stereo subwoofer, strategically located at the back of the phone provides a unique bass that greatly enhances sound, creating richer and more fulfilling listening.

    “Mobile devices have assumed a very crucial part of all facets of human existence either used in businesses or pleasure to ease communications at home and out of home,” he said, stressing that LG-GM200 has in addition to the basic functions a 2.1 channel subwoofer that produces a sound quality with detail sound clarity enjoyed in any environment because of the distinctive details that comes with its sound production.

    Also known as the Dolby Mobile, the LG-GM200, he said, it provides clear, crisp and well-balanced sound in a mobile phone experience that leaves the user immersed in rich and vibrant music.

    “Another unique feature of the LG-GM200 is the smart-profiling ring tone adjustment which provides the perfect sound level based on the prevailing noise level in the surrounding environment,” he said.

    Koh noted that the user in this case is only required to hold-on the volume button while the LG-GM200 ensures that the tone volume is adjusted to suit the need of the user.

    He said, the radio onboard capability of the LG-GM200 allows users to be constantly tuned to any radio stations with the extra-convenience of not requiring headset or earphones as the phone enables wireless access to FM radio stations as on the go.

    According to him, this feature offers the possibility of recording and editing as users capture, record and edit radio according to their taste and could even manoeuvre contents recorded from live radio programming as personalised ring tones, just as the radio alarm could be set in such a way that users could wake up to favourite stations at predetermined time .

    The LG-GM200 phone also comes with 2 mega pixels camera with Bluetooth connectivity and an in-built micro storage device that enables storage of large volume of music and data.