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    LG’s innovative products, standards and SON’s position


    LG Electronics, a leading brand in consumer electronics and household appliances, has in recent time been nvolved in a series of innovative products‘ introduction into the Nigerian market. The improved positioning of the company‘s products in the Nigerian market in recent years has been buoyed by the establishment of a manufacturing/ assembling plant in the country, under the auspices of its sole distributor, Fouani Nigeria Limited.

    Between January and September, not less than five innovative products have been introduced – with the latest being the Low Voltage Startability refrigerator. It was inaugurated penultimate Friday in Lagos. The fridge, described as a one-door GL-250NP, according to the company, has the power to work under the least power supply.

    Before then, on July 30 specifically, the company introduced a 21” television brand, called 21 FU 6R as part of efforts to further align its operations towards caring for the health of Nigerians. The TV comes with free mosquito nets as part of its package. As expected, the initiative was designed to key into the Malaria Control Project of the Federal Government, backed by the World Health Organisation. To drive home the social service implication of the initiative, the electronics firm tagged it ”the Nigeria TV.” This social initiative was aimed at fighting malaria, which is regarded as causing one of the highest mortality rates in Africa.

    This was immediately followed by the ”LG Quran TV”, described as the first and only built-in Quran television brand. Although the initiative was a marketing strategy meant to fit into the Islamic period of Ramadan, the features of the TV, which allows viewers to read, search, bookmark and listen to the Islamic scriptures, according to the company, is seen as cardinal import to the people of Islamic faith.

    As the products were coming, there arose a kind of perceptive intellectual query on the intrinsic and enduring quality of the products, which a section of the market had described as having the Nigeria market mainly as their target.

    As if in a cognive response to these agitating questions, the management of LG Electronics chose the occasion of the unveiling of the Low Voltage refrigerator in Lagos to engage the Standards Organisation of Nigeria in a kind of quality test on the products.

    Although the LVS refrigerator was the focus, emerging episodes at the occasion underscored a general incorporation of LG Electronics products already in the market. The curious aspect of the refrigerator, its feature of being able to start and run on voltage as low as between 135 and 290, could have been the major attraction of SON, its environmental compatibility with the Nigerian situation (where power supply is always at the lowest) would be a great asset, if proven to be so. In this case, such a refrigerator makes the use of a stabilizer unnecessary.

    At the occasion, LG Electronics‘ General Manager, Mr. Yuri Roh, said the company recognised the need to have a systematic way of meeting its customers‘ aspirations as far as having products that fitted their lifestyles was concerned. Accordingly, he said he was proud to say that ”LG Electronics is the first electronic manufacturing company to produce domestic appliances with health care and energy conserving functions in Nigeria.”

    He said the LG GL-205NP refrigerator was just another addition to the company‘s ”unmatchable innovations that have won accolades globally.”

    At the end of the test, SON‘s Deputy Director General, Mr. John Sule, said that LG Electronics had proved the efficacy of the products‘ attributes beyond any doubt. Emphasising SON‘s commitment to ridding the Nigerian market of sub-standard goods, Sule commended LG Electronics for partnering with SON in this regard.

    Responding, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Fouani Nigeria Limited, the authorised distributor of LG Electronics in Nigeria, Mr. Mohammed Fouani, emphasised LG Electronics‘ commitment to the provision of quality goods ”that meet the needs and desires of the Nigerian consumer.”

    Explaining further, he described the LG GL-205NP as a perfect example of LG‘s policy of putting the consumer in the centre of its market initiatives, as the LVS features of the refrigerator and other products were developed with the Nigerian consumers in mind. He said this was in consideration of the situation with power supply across the nation.

    He said, ”The GL-250NP one door refrigerator would run on three quarter or even half current. So whether the current is full or not, the GL-250NP would continue to perform keeping your food and drinks fresher and cooler. You even get to save money because you do not need a stabilizer to use the refrigerator”

    LG Electronics is known for its consumer-centric approach to business and it‘s ability to blend design, technology and functionality to the delight of her consumers all over the world; consistently delivering on its promise to make life good.