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    Ramadan: LG Steps In To help Cut Back on Electricity Bills with Its Energy-Saving Air Conditioners


    The holy month of Ramadan is a time where the home is a spiritual hub for the family, and children become excited about the different routine that makes Ramadan so special. Family and friends often take advantage of this excitement to spend quality time together. One of the expenses that rises during this season is the cost of electricity bills due to increase in the usage of household electronic appliances including air conditioners.

    Air conditioners are commonly utilized due to the heat, as family time takes precedence over any other after-school or after-work activities. This has often resulted in the consideration of energy-saving air conditioners that can help you cut back on your utility bills.

    Thanks to LG Electronics' unwavering commitment in environmentally friendly and healthy household appliances. Its most recent ACs products enable everyone to live in cool, comfortable, and smart homes.

    Some of its most recent breakthrough ACs technology, such as the Dual Cool air conditioners, can save users up to 60% on energy. LG, as one of the most innovative brands, ensures that its products are always up to date and in sync with the most recent trends and modern technology.

    According to the General Manager, Air Solution Division, LG Electronics West Africa, Mr. Jung June Yoon, LG’s recent inverter technology offers users durability and energy efficiency. “This innovative technology can provide greater cooling, unrivalled energy efficiency and improved comfort. In comparison to traditional compressors, inverter technology allows the air conditioner to maintain a cool room temperature by gradually increasing and decreasing output based on its surroundings, resulting in a variety of benefits such as world-class energy efficiency, comfort and long-term sustained reliability.

    "Room will cool down in minutes and electricity will be saved", he added.

    "Nothing surpasses customer satisfaction to encourage us to design products that satisfy their demands and give technology that can save them money. LG not only provides creative and advanced solutions, but also ensures that they assist the user in other ways, such as saving electricity and energy," Mr. Yoon said while commenting on LG Customers’ reaction to its latest innovation in air conditioner designs.

    If you are also planning to buy a new Air Conditioner for your home, then LG is giving information about 5 star rated Air Conditioners available at affordable prices. A 5 star rating means that the appliance consumes less power. Visit http://www.ccc-sh.net/africa/residential-air-conditioners for more information.

    LG ACs are stylishly innovative Air Conditioners and offer best cooling experience and has a wide range of ACs that are best suited especially for the hot climate and benefits customers by saving on the energy consumption. The advanced Dual Inverter Compressor gives the LG Dualcool and Artcool Air Conditioners improved durability, allowing them to perform well in hot climates, without compromising on comfort or energy consumption.

    Thanks to this technological marvel, African residents can benefits from 60% higher energy savings than conventional compressors, meaning they get the best possible performance out of their DUALCOOL & ARTCOOL Inverter ACs without having to worry about their electricity bills, thus making it easier for home AC customers as well as Engineers, Contractors and Developers to achieve their Environmental objective as well as reduce their overall operating cost.

    The LG Dualcool and Artcool Air Conditioner have various features and some of the key features are;

    DUAL Inverter Compressor- LG’s DUAL Inverter Compressor with varied speed Dual Rotary Motor has a wider rotational frequency which ensures faster cooling, more efficiency and a drastic reduction in noise and vibration levels. It constantly adjusts the compressor’s speed to maintain desired levels of temperature and assured savings – both power and electricity bills.

    Plasmaster?Ionizer+ It Leaves Your Space Clean from Bacteria and removes 99% of adhering bacteria and deodorizes. Verified by TUVRheinland, to remove 99% of 3 kinds of adhering bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa).

    Smart ThinQ- Enjoy new ways to control your home with LG Smart ThinQ; a future-ready open platform with a widest assortment of Wi-Fi enabled application. Also, one can easily monitor and control their ACs at any time and from anywhere with LG’s exclusive home appliance control app on the smartphone.

    Patented GOLD FIN? Condenser – The condenser ensures more resistance to corrosive elements like salty air, rain, dust; and extend durability of the heat exchanger for a much longer period.

    Micro Dust Protection Filter- The air inside the home contains dust and allergens. These can lead to various respiratory problems as well as allergies. The LG air conditioners come with Double Filtration System that fills the home with clean and hygienic air.

    Ez Clean Filter- Unlike conventional ACs where the dust filter cleaning requires a technician. LG DUALCOOL’s filter is located on the top of indoor Unit due to which the user can themselves open and clean the filter easily. This Do It Yourself cleaning saves both money and time.

    LG is renowned as the most inventive technology brand, and it consistently wins this honour. Advanced technology has never stopped the company from delivering their customers with the best items at the lowest possible cost, constantly ensuring their customers' satisfaction.
    About LG Electronics

    LG Electronics Inc. is a global innovator in technology and manufacturing with operations in 140 locations and a workforce of over 70,000 around the world. With 2018 global sales of USD 54.4 billion, LG is composed of five companies – Home Appliance & Air Solution, Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Vehicle Component Solutions and Business Solutions. LG is a world-leading producer of TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and mobile devices, including premium LG SIGNATURE and LG ThinQ products featuring artificial intelligence. For more information about our products in Nigeria, visit http://www.ccc-sh.net/africa/about-lg/our-brand