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    • 6 Essential smart home appliances for productive remote work

      Tomi prides himself in being a modern man that has a good taste. This mindset is due to no other reason other than the fact that he is a millennial who has been fortunate enough to graduate from an Ivy-league school in the US, is widely-travelled and is enjoying the benefits that come with working remotely as a content marketer and product designer with a fortune 500 company. Life’s easy. Life’s good. He couldn’t be more grateful.

      However, with the freedom that comes with remote work, so comes a different set of challenges. So, in order not to ‘fall asleep behind the wheel’, he sets some things in place to ensure he stays productive and ahead of the curve. Things such as working with a daily planner and buying some home appliances that free up time for him so he can be more productive. What are these appliances, and what does Tomi have to say about them? Let’s see.

    LG-Sound-Bar LG-Sound-Bar
    • Contrary to the impression Tomi gives on social media, he is actually a quiet person who loves listening to sober and classical music, especially in the morning. He likes it quiet at the wee hours of the day as this allows him to be in a particular mood that is conducive for inspiration. And when it’s time to start working, he is able to easily get into the flow of productive work, the music helping him to deepen his focus.

      Now, no matter how good a music is, if it is coming from a bad speaker, it will be more of a dissonance instead of a bringer of pleasure. Tomi realised this after visiting an LG showroom with a friend, and there heard the sound being served by this soundbar, he made it his mission to reward himself once he was done with the certification program he was doing at that time. Done, he ordered for one and had it delivered to his doorstep. And there it is today in his living room, matching the design of his LG OLED TV.

    LG-Dishwasher LG-Dishwasher
    • When it’s time for lunch, Tomi uses the LG microwave to either prepare a meal or heat one he has already prepared. That’s a pretty easy thing to do. But the next part is not so easy. And that’s doing the dishes. This is one thing Tomi was never a fan of. Little wonder one of the first things he acquired when he moved into his apartment was this LG dishwasher.And it’s been there, day and night, doing his dirty dishes while he focuses on more productive tasks. It is especially useful when he has visitors or he is to host mini-get-togethers. He does this without worrying about who will assist him in doing the dishes later. With the click of a button, his dishwasher takes care of business.

    "Here is what Tomi has to say about his dishwasher: everything I heard about this dishwasher is true. From its ‘four hands’ that cleans fastly and thoroughly from every angle, to its capacity to take on multiple plates and even pots at once and all the while doing so quietly in an energy efficient manner, it relieves me of stress and frees up my time. I just love the way it works. You can see what I mean 
    LG-Styler LG-Styler
    • It’s a Friday night and part of Tomi’s therapy routine is to go out on a date weekly. This can be with his fiancee, a potential client or a member of his art community. And as the fine dresser that he is, he goes the extra mile to ensure his fine dress appears in good shape; thereby, boosting his confidence.One of the measures he employs in doing so is through the use of the innovative LG styler that allows him to sanitise, refresh, dehumidify, steam, dry, and deodorise his clothes. And not just his clothes; his footwears and items such as pillows can be refreshed and deodorised using the Styler.This helps to keep him on top of his game; focused on the person he is talking to instead of being self-conscious because of a damp smell or a minor stain on the cloth he is wearing.

    "Here is what Tomi has to say about his Styler: Styler is the best thing created for fabric care after washing machine as it allows you to treat your favourite wears with care so you can be more confident in your look. Why not see it for more details 
    LG-Commercial-washer-and-dryer LG-Commercial-washer-and-dryer
    • As a fine dresser, Tomi doesn’t joke with his clothes. From his corporate clothes to his casual ones as well as his party wear, he gives premium attention to them. Little wonder he was spending a huge chunk of his monthly budget on premium laundry cleaning service before things went a bit topsy-turvy financially.When the past event of Covid had him jobless for a while before landing his current remote job, he had to learn how to cut costs on clothing and that not only affected how often he bought clothes but it also reduced how often he went to the laundromat.In need of a solution for his finances, he partnered with John, his dry cleaner who was already wondering why Tomi was not frequenting his laundromat as he used to do. They pooled resources together, agreed on a profit sharing model and bought the commercial washer and dryer.

    "Here is what John has to say about the commercial washer and dryer: since I bought these innovative products from LG, they have proven themselves to be efficient and reliable as they have greatly reduced my workload and cost while increasing customer satisfaction and referrals. Except LG releases a higher version of these products , I am not changing them."
    LG-Dryer LG-Dryer
    • Tomi does his best at keeping fit by visiting the gym thrice weekly. On weekdays, he does little but on Saturdays, he takes his time. If he is not at the gym on saturday, then, he will most likely be at the soccer pitch in his area.To keep up with this lifestyle, he had to eliminate doing laundry from his Saturday chores by buying an LG washing machine. He loads his clothes in the machine and goes to do other things.Once the machine is done washing, he transfers them to the dryer that comes with Sensor Dry. The Sensor Dry feature enables the machine to optimise drying time and do a better job than natural drying - giving Tomi more value for his money while treating his fabric with premium care.

    "Here is what Tomi has to say about the dryer: it’s one thing to have a good washing machine, it is another thing to have a dryer that will continue the good work by not ‘drying the life out of your fabrics’. But with this LG dryer, my clothes are in good hands. You can see it for yourself 

      These are just some of the LG home appliances that Tomi decided to pitch his tent with in order to make life easy for himself and be more productive as a remote worker. There are others such as his LG Air-conditioner, refrigerator and even portable speaker that add class to the lifestyle Tomi leads in Lagos, Nigeria. And he is not the only one, his friends and associates who saw the way life has improved for Tomi because of the products in his home, have also begun switching to the good life brand, LG.

      To do likewise, you can check how some of these LG products might look in your space by downloading our lifestyle catalogue here.

      And you can access exclusive offers and benefits from LG by signing up here.