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    • How To Clean Your LG Refrigerator, Microwave oven and Washing Machine - BY CHAMPION HAMZAT

      Having your refrigerator, washing machine or microwave oven reduce in efficiency or develop faults can result in an unpleasant feeling especially if this happened at a time in your life when that was the last thing you needed on your hands.

      But be that as it may, life happens and some things are beyond our control. But for things that are within our locus of control, some measures can be put in place to ensure we not only get value for the money spent on our LG home appliances but that they also serve us for long. One of the measures is proper cleaning.

      Having examined how to clean your TV, speaker and air-conditioner in the post here, today, we will examine how to clean your refrigerator, washing machine and microwave oven. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

    • Refrigerator :

    • What you refrigerate your food with is as important as the food itself. Why is that so? In the case of a refrigerator, if care is not taken, it can become a breeding ground for germs and harmful substances. In other to correct this, here are measures to take to clean it properly:

      Step 1: Disconnect it from the power source. As explained in our previous post here, this is to prevent electric shock while cleaning.

      Step 2: Empty the refrigerator of its contents. And by this, I am referring to not just the food items and drinks inside. Remove the shelves and the drawers as well. For these, you can rinse them thoroughly and leave them to air dry.

      Step 3: Once done, clean the interior of the refrigerator using warm soapy water. You can make use of a soft sponge or cloth so you don’t create marks while cleaning. And do not forget to give close attention to the corners and edges of the refrigerator where unwholesome substances could have gathered outside of human view.

      Step 4: Clean the exterior of the refrigerator. For this, wiping the different parts (including the door handles) with a clean cloth and warm water would suffice. But in all you do, do not use abrasive cleaners. They will do more than clean your refrigerator, and it might not be nice. I spare you the details.

      Step 5: Once all this is done, allow the refrigerator to dry. After that, return the removed shelves, drawers and food items inside. And connect back to power. Your refrigerator is ready for use.

    • Microwave Oven :

    • Just as what you refrigerate your food with is as important as the food itself, so also, what you microwave the food with is as equally important. Why is that so? It is so for the simple reason that if care is not taken, it can also serve as breeding ground for germs and harmful organisms.

      This is why steps should be taken to ensure proper cleaning is done. Here are some of the steps:

      Step 1: Disconnect from the power source first. Mix vinegar and water in a bowl that is microwave-safe.

      Step 2: Put the bowl in the microwave and heat for about five minutes. The steam will help loosen dirt in the microwave.

      Step 3: Once this is done, remove the bowl from the oven. Then, remove the turntable and roller guide.

      Step 4: Now, dip a soft cloth in the mixture and use it to wipe not just the interior of the microwave but the exterior as well.

      Step 5: If the stain is a tough one, mix baking soda and water together to form a paste.

      Step 6: Apply the paste on the stain and leave it there for a few minutes before wiping it away with a damp cloth.

      Step 7: Once the inside of the microwave oven is clean and dry, reassemble the turntable and roller guide, and connect your microwave back to power.

    • Washing Machine :

    • You don’t want your washing machine ruining your New Year's dress, right? How about it adding stain to your cloth instead of removing it? You don't want this; however, it might end up doing this and more if proper care is not taken as regards how you clean your washing machine. To prevent this, here are the steps to take:

      Step 1: Remove the fabrics items (clothes) inside and watch for other ‘stray items’ such as buttons, coins, etc. Remove them all.

      Step 2: Bring out the detergent dispenser and clean it with warm soapy water, seeing to it that all detergent remnants are removed from it.

      Step 3: Then, run a tub clean cycle. You can choose to add white vinegar to the water and also use hot water. The tub clean will help clean the drum automatically.

      Step 4: There is a rubber seal around the door which can serve as home to dirt. Clean it with a damp cloth and mild soap and ensure it dries completely after cleaning.

      Step 5: Overtime, the filter accumulates debris or small substances. Remove and clean it using warm soapy water.

      Step 6: Get a damp cloth and wipe the exterior of the washing machine with it. Also make sure to wipe it dry after cleaning.

      Step 7: Run a rinse cycle with hot water to remove any vinegar left during the tub clean cycle.

      Step 8: Then, open the door of the washing machine and allow it to air out for sometime. After that, your washing machine is ready for use.

    • Final thoughts

      The guide above is what it is: a guide; meaning, things are not cast in stone as the model of the LG home appliances can vary and new developments can be made to the products. But be that as it may, this should give you a base to operate from.

      If you need help with cleaning your LG TV, AC and speaker, you can read this article. But for things not covered in these two posts, you can help yourself by paying a visit to our YouTube page here; however, if it's professional assistance you require, you can reach out to our customer care team here.

      Lastly, we have a wide range of products and other benefits that would interest you. And the beautiful thing is, you can access all these with just a click of a button. The buttons are in our lifestyle product catalogue. Why not download it here?