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  • Because you loved me before I knew you
    And that love hasn't changed with times and seasons.

    Because you allowed me to be a child
    While inspiring me to be an inspiring man

    Because you taught me the way up is the way down
    And that I should live while alive

    Because you never for once doubted my ability
    And did your best to prepare me for opportunities

    Because you taught me it is better to fail
    Than to trade one’s integrity for cheap gains

    Because of the way you introduce me to people
    And smile when they comment on our resemblance

    Because of the way you loved football
    And never for once chastised me for loving it also

    Because of the ways you celebrated my wins
    And my seemingly insignificant gains

    Because of the many times you were broke because of me
    And the few times I made you raise your voice.

    Because of the way you loved my mother And of
    how approving you're of my wife and my kid.

    Because you’ve been an adorable father
    And a wonderful grandpa

    Because on this Father's day…
    Who else deserves an LG OLED TV if not you, Dad?

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