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    • Environments such as museums and archives provide us access to invaluable resources of cultural and historical relevance. While museums and archives require HVAC systems to keep visitors comfortable, they also play an important role in preserving the integrity of often sensitive materials through precise temperature and humidity control. In order to maintain environments that prevent degradation of these culturally significant materials, HVAC systems must simultaneously maintain proper conditions across a wide range of environments at all times. This constant operation and monitoring can consume excessive amounts of energy, which leads to hefty energy bills and has a long-term negative impact on the environment at large.

      However, the right HVAC system can mitigate exorbitant energy bills and curb the environmental impact. This is where LG HVAC solutions come into the conversation. Solutions such as the Multi V 5 provide powerful yet energy efficient-operation. Indoor units such as the DUAL Vane Cassette and Round Cassette offer diversified airflow with an aesthetic value suitable for any environment. Comprehensive control and monitoring systems make it possible to maintain precise temperatures and humidity in each individual space from a central location or even remotely. Let’s explore these solutions and how they are helping museums and archives maintain comfortable environments while preserving the cultural and historical treasures they hold.

    Image of Multi V 5. Image of Multi V 5.
    Advance functionality with Dual Sensing delivers precision climate control
    • Precision, Power and Efficiency

      In a building like a museum with unique climate requirements, the powerful Multi V 5 is an ideal solution which can individually manage multiple indoor units throughout a building. LG’s own Ultimate Inverter Compressor allows the system to quickly and accurately reach and maintain desired temperatures across its wide operation range while reducing energy consumption. The Multi V 5 also implements Dual Sensing Control, which simultaneously detects temperature and humidity to ensure ideal conditions are met and maintained. When materials such as artifacts in a museum or aging books in an archive are involved, providing ideal environments for each material in each space is vital. Dual Sensing Control gives more precise control in each space in a building while reducing the overall use of energy.

    Children in a library. Children in a library.
    • Airflow Indoors

      Large museums and archival libraries have a wide range of diverse spaces that include lobbies, atriums, viewing rooms, halls, storage facilities and areas for research. Each of these types of spaces have unique requirements when it comes to climate control. Large lobbies and atriums require powerful airflow that can provide comfortable temperatures from high ceilings. Viewing rooms and halls need precise airflow control to keep visitors comfortable while maintaining safe environments for sensitive materials. LG indoor unit solutions such as the DUAL Vane Cassette and Round Cassette can deliver precision airflow while simultaneously offering a uniquely high-end aesthetic that stays in harmony with the environment in a museum or library.

    Air flowing from DUAL Vane. Air flowing from DUAL Vane.
    DUAL Vane technology provides powerful and precise airflow
    • What makes the DUAL Vane Cassette unique is its ability to deliver customizable airflow to match the needs of any space. LG’s proprietary DUAL Vane technology and 3D fan makes it possible for the DUAL Vane Cassette to reach even further and cover more area with diverse airflow options. The powerful 3D fan and 2 individual vanes enables the indoor cassette to provide ideal temperatures all the way to the floor even in large lobbies with ceiling as high as 5 meters. Integrated sensing technology also allows the DUAL Vane Cassette to detect temperatures on floor surfaces to ensure target temperatures are met evenly throughout any space. Additionally, it can also be fitted with the LG Air Purification Kit with 5-step air filtration that can eliminate 99.9% of PM1.0 fine dust particles to create safer environments where large crowds are expected.

    Image of a Round Cassette installed on the ceiling. Image of a Round Cassette installed on the ceiling.
    The LG Round Cassette delivers performance with a refined aesthetic
    • The circular shape of the LG Round Cassette eliminates blinds spots to deliver more effective airflow coverage. Crystal Vane technology in the Round Cassette also offers 6 modes of airflow more precise and 30% faster temperature control. Low noise emission also makes Round Cassette ideal for spaces like libraries. Beyond performance, the Round Cassette also has an elegant and refined design that is also suitable for installation in a museum and won’t distract from exhibits. In addition, the Round Cassette is intuitively designed to make installation and maintenance easier and less intrusive.

    Control screen of LG AC Smart 5. Control screen of LG AC Smart 5.
    Comprehensive control and monitoring ensures efficiency and performance
    • Take Control of the Air

      Comprehensive control and monitoring are vital to the efficiency and performance of any HVAC system. LG HVAC systems can be operated and monitored from a central location or even remotely with a PC, smartphone or tablet. Control systems such as the LG AC Smart 5 allows system administrators to conveniently monitor and control environments in each space across an entire system to optimize comfort, efficiency and climate. ThinQ connectivity also allows control of the system in the hands of administrators with full integration across the HVAC ecosystem. Through these systems, administrators have real-time access to each system component to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact while ensuring the comfort of visitors and safety of sensitive materials in a museum or archive.

      Where precise climate control and advanced performance are essential to the preservation of valuable material, LG HVAC solutions are delivering for unique spaces like museums and libraries around the world. Whether developing a new installation, renovating an existing space or expanding a facility, LG delivers HVAC solutions that hit the mark for these valuable spaces of culture and history.

    *Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.
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