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    • Autumn will soon be upon us and as temperatures drop, humidity levels in the air will begin to drop as well. when the air we breathe is overly dry, people can begin to experience an influx in a wide range of health issues including skin problems as well as respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis or even nosebleeds. Humidifiers are instrumental in improving dry environments and making them healthy and more comfortable. But what type of humidifier is best for your environment and best for your health? Let's learn a bit more about humidifiers and how they can work for us.

    LG Humidifier LG Humidifier
    Humidifiers introduce moisture into the air in dry environments

    • How Humidifiers Help

      As we all know, humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. The seasons greatly affect humidity levels with humidity generally being higher during the summer months. As the temperature drops during fall and winter, so do humidity levels. Ideally, humidity indoors should be between 30% and 50% for a healthy and comfortable environment. Humidifiers emit moisture into the air and help in stabilizing humidity levels throughout the spaces where they are installed. If you experience dryness and stuffiness throughout the winter or live in a vary arid climate, a humidifier may be just the thing for your home to deal with your ailments.

    Another Humidifier emitting steam Another Humidifier emitting steam
    There are different types of humidifiers with different benefits
    • The Right Humidifier for Your Home?

      There are essentially 4 types of room humidifier available. Finding the right one for your environment depends on your needs and preferences.

    Cool mist humidifiers

    Cool mist humidifiers

    Cool mist humidifiers are inexpensive devices that emit a cool vapor into the air. They are easy to clean and allow user to add inhalants for cold and flu season.
    Warm mist humidifiers

    Warm mist humidifiers

    Warm mist humidifiers are commonly used to treat colds and the flu. The heat from these humidifiers kills bacteria and they reduce the accumulation of dust.
    Vaporizer humidifiers

    Vaporizer humidifiers

    Vaporizer humidifiers are inexpensive and come in cool mist and warm mist options. They are a quieter options and less likely to be contaminated with bacteria.
    Ultrasonic humidifiers

    Ultrasonic humidifiers

    Ultrasonic humidifiers use a metallic diaphragm to create and disperse water droplets into the air. They are energy efficient and low-noise, which makes them ideal for use overnight. Evaporator humidifiers work similarly to cool mist evaporators in that they do not use heat to generate humidity. They are safer and self-regulating but tend to be noisier than other alternatives.
    Cleaning Tools Cleaning Tools
    Humidifiers require thorough cleaning to be safe and effective
    • Humidifier Care

      When using a humidifier, it is crucial to perform regular maintenance and cleaning. Beyond ensuring that the humidifier is working properly, a contaminated humidifier can release bacteria into the air and be detrimental to your health. Maintaining a clean humidifier is key to reliable performance and a healthy environment. In order to clean your humidifier properly, you will need to disassemble the plastic components and be sure to avoid electronics in the device. With the humidifier unplugged, add white vinegar to the water tank and soak smaller plastic components in a bowl of white vinegar. Let everything soak for a t least 20 minutes and then use a small brush to clean away any grime or scale buildup. Next you will need to thoroughly disinfect your humidifier. Prepare a mixture of 1 teaspoon of liquid chlorine bleach with 1 gallon of water and fill the water tank approximately half way. Then let the mixture sit in the tank for about 20 minutes. Once this is complete, rinse the tank and all components thoroughly with water and reassemble the humidifier. Water in your humidifier should be changed at least daily and your humidifier should be cleaned once every few days. This will ensure that your are keeping the air in our home healthy and clean.

      As the air becomes dry and fears over the COVID-19 pandemic remain, maintaining a healthy indoor environment is extremely important. Look into the right humidifier for your home and enjoy a healthier and more comfortable household.

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