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  • Press Release


    Beat The Heat This Summer With LG’s Titan Air Conditioner


    Breeze through the heat and humidity this coming summer with LG’s latest Titan S1864C split air conditioner. LG’s Titan S1864C delivers an exceptionally cool environment, even during the humid summer months thanks to its tropical compressor, which holds performance verification by TUV Rheinland.

    Titan Air Conditioner

    The compressor is the core of any air conditioner. LG Electronics, a global leader of innovative air conditioners and energy solutions, has worked tirelessly to develop the tropical compressor for the Middle East and has been accredited by TUV Rheinland.  TUV Rheinland is a leading neutral quality evaluator for energy efficiency that put the LG Titan through its paces during a pressure test wherein it passed with flying colors. When testing if the LG Titan S1864C can withstand extreme conditions such as high temperature degrees up to 58oC it excelled.

    Titan Air Conditioner

    Mr. D.Y.Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf FZE said at the LG residential AC dealer convention, “Our latest LG Titan S1864C is the ideal air conditioner for every household.” He added, “We believe that it is important to prioritize convenience and needs, which is why we ensured that the Titan S1864C delivers a durable and power cooling experience.”

    The LG Titan S1864C/S2464C split air conditioner promises even air dispersion at high speeds with its jet cool feature, guaranteeing prompter cooler by 5 oC within 3 minutes. This is 20% faster in comparison to other split air conditioners.

    The cool breeze can be felt from every corner of the room with the LG Titan S1864C/S2464C’s 10 m windblast and optimized airflow. The new fluid dynamic framework design enhances the air flow maximizing the capacity of air intake and discharge. This allows households to enjoy ongoing wind blasts that reach up to 10 meters!

    Furthermore, the adjustable six step vertical vane and five step horizontal louvre allows the air conditioner to cool specific areas much faster. The advanced skew fan which is 25% larger than conventional also adds to the powerful impact.

    LG’s advanced air purification technologies have been incorporated into it its air conditioners to deliver an unbeatably clean and healthier indoor environment for residences across the UAE.