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  • We look forward to talking with you! We look forward to talking with you!


    We look forward to talking with you!

    Contact a representative without waiting by scheduling a phone consultation service.

    Call an LG Support Representative

    For Consumer
    • Afghanistan5454
    • Armenia060 700 333
    • Azerbaijan(+99412) 404 7354
    • Bahrain8000 1919
    • Georgia032 2 000 333
    • Kuwait1833 333
    • Oman800 75545
    • Pakistan0800 15454
    • Qatar800 0054
    • UAE800 54
    • Yemen+967 1 264 096
    For Business
    Information Display (Digital Signage and Commercial TV)

    Call Appointment

    Having difficulty connecting with a representative?

    Get a call from us any time you choose. Schedule a call appointment online.

    LG Call appointment scheduling is only available for the following countries: UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Georgia.

    Schedule a Call
    Global LG Business Contact information
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