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    LG introduces the Pocket Photo Snap to preserve life’s priceless moments


    LG introduces the Pocket Photo Snap to preserve
    life’s priceless moments


    Dubai-UAE: 08 November 2018 — Despite the popularity of digital cameras, many shutterbugs still treasure the retro appeal of viewing and sharing printed photos. The ability to hold and feel a photograph in a hand is perhaps something that will never go out of fashion. In fact, technology may have a hand in reviving printed photos, as it is easier and more convenient than ever before to carry a favourite photograph in a wallet.


    LG’s new PC389 Pocket Photo Snap is a hybrid instant camera and portable printer that will change how people capture memories through photos. Beyond possessing the traditional advantages of instant cameras such as ease of use, shareability and the ability to see a shot straight away, this unique device promises a higher degree of control with charming settings and features, perfect for the region’s mobile environment.



    “Smartphone usage is growing exponentially as its application spans almost every aspect of life – communication, entertainment, commerce, lifestyle and more,” said Mr. Kevin Cha, President of LG Electronics Middle East & Africa. “One thing that is for certain is that content creation will continue to rise as people try to capture life’s precious moments through their smartphones. Furthermore, by printing it out instantly and having the ability to touch the picture heightens sentiment and makes that moment more meaningful.”


    Users have the ability to preserve fond memories by capturing gorgeous, precious and fun images of everyday moments anytime and anywhere with the LG Pocket Photo Snap, and produce stunning prints instantly. The device can generate the most vivid shots thanks to its five-million pixel resolution and 30 image printing capacity on a charged device.


    Combining the latest mobile trends with the nostalgic feel of a traditional analogue camera is another way the Pocket Photo Snap enhances the photographic experience. It effortlessly connects to a smartphone and PC tablet via Bluetooth to print photos taken by other devices in either Android and iOS. This handy connectivity allows users to conveniently share with the real world their precious memories stored in their phones or tablets through clear prints within 45 seconds. Finished photos can go in a wallet or in a neat frame on an office desk or bedside. Also, the Pocket Photo app makes it easy and convenient to edit and enhance the pictures in those devices prior to printing.

    “A major flaw of traditional print photos is their eventual deterioration over time,”added Mr. Cha. “In a first for an instant camera, photos printed with Pocket Photo Snap receive a transparent coating to protect against humidity and age. The coating prevents smudging of colors or degradation even if the photos get wet, thus preserving these cherished moments in a pristine and crisp state for a long time.”


    Precious memories are better if they’re bigger and more visible, and the Pocket Photo Snap delivers on this end. Previous models of instant cameras delivered small prints but the Pocket Photo Snap produces photos that are 50 percent bigger than that of a traditional 1.8 x 2.4 inch Polaroid. Still, the attractive pastel-toned device is compact enough to fit almost anywhere and is also the only instant camera on the market that can produce black-and-white photos without the need for a separate ink cartridge.


    Through this handy device, LG will continue setting benchmarks for the instant camera and mobile printer industry and redefine market expectations.

    To learn more about the LG Pocket Photo Snap, please visit: http://www.ccc-sh.net/ae/pocket-photo-printer

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