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    LG PuriCare Air Purifiers focuses on ’Health for all’ With Innovative 360° Total Filtration


    LG PuriCare Air Purifiers focuses on ’Health for all’ With Innovative 360° Total Filtration


     LG Electronics tackles poor indoor air quality with smart sensors and comprehensive 6-step filtration to create healthier environments for all


    DUBAI, UAE, April 7th 2018: This year’s World Health Day theme is a global campaign to deliver healthcare to the billions that lack access to adequate health services. “Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere” aims to increase access to a billion people by 2023, and is tackling the daunting challenge that half the world still lacks access to healthcare. LG believes that good health begins at home, which is why we create new and innovative products for our customers’ everyday wellbeing.


    Every day, millions of people around the world are exposed to household pollutants from chemical-based products like air fresheners, deodorants, cleaning agents and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from chores like cooking and cleaning. Coupled with dust, allergens and particulate matter, the effects on respiratory health quickly become detrimental.


    “At LG, we believe that health and wellbeing is connected to happiness and productivity. A positive improvement in the former leads to better outcomes for the latter. This is the philosophy behind the LG PuriCare range of Air Purifiers. With its smart air quality sensors, comprehensive filtration technologies and advanced airflow capabilities, the LG PuriCare Air Purifiers are the perfect solution to ensuring clean and healthy air indoors,” said Mr. Yong Geun Choi, President, LG Electronics Gulf.


    LG Air Purifiers are designed specifically to deal with the harmful effects of these indoor pollutants through its innovative 360° filtration process. With most residents in the UAE spending 90 percent of their time indoors, particularly in the summer months, it is vital to create safe, healthy and pollutant-free home environments, starting with the air quality.



    Although heavier particulate matter like dust and soot are visibly avoidable, many invisible pollutants linger in the air that are hard to detect, like the aforementioned chemical substances, that adversely affect health. The LG PuriCare range of Air Purifiers offer advanced filtration and detection technologies, which work together to mitigate the effects of heavy particulate matter and harmful household pollutants through a truly innovative approach to filtration and dispersion of clean air indoors. The 6-step advanced filtration technology removes dust, ultra-fine dust particles, allergens and bacteria, smog compounds, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and household gases like ammonia and formaldehyde, for comprehensive respiratory health. Research has shown that some of these harmful gases, particularly smog compounds, ammonia and formaldehyde (from cooking, detergents, aerosols and furniture) can have drastic negative effects on health.


    But before filtration, detection is crucial, which is where the LG PuriCare Air Purifiers blows away its competition. Using sophisticated smart sensors, the LG PuriCare Air Purifier is able to detect even the minutest particulate matter and gas molecules, clearly indicating and alerting users of the current status of the indoor air of their homes. It then automatically adjusts the fans and operational cycles, which means residents can breathe easy at home.


    A healthy home starts with clean and healthy air. So bring home an LG PuriCare Air Purifier today and join LG in taking a step forward toward making the home a safe and healthy place for everyone.




    About LG Electronics, Inc.

    LG Electronics, Inc. (KSE: 066570.KS) is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, employing 77,000 people working in 125 locations around the world. With 2017 global sales of USD 55.4 billion (KRW 61.4 trillion), LG comprises five business units ― Home Appliance & Air Solutions, Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Vehicle Components and B2B ― and is one of the world’s leading producers of flat panel TVs, mobile devices, air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators. For more news and information on LG Electronics, please visit www.LGnewsroom.com.


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