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    How LG’s Smart and Innovative Appliances Are Helping Mothers Create Clean and Healthy Environments for Their Newborns


    How LG’s Smart and Innovative Appliances Are Helping Mothers Create Clean and Healthy Environments for Their Newborns

    LG Electronics’ range of eco-friendly, intuitive and time-saving devices allow mothers to spend more time caring for their babies and less time worrying about their health


    Working mothers today spend as much time with their children as at-home mothers did in the early 1970s. That is according to Melissa Milkie, a sociologist at the University of Toronto who co-authored many large-scale study on changes in parenting behaviours and their sociological impacts on young children and adolescents. With growing initiatives to make offices more flexible for mothers, including longer maternity leave, nursing rooms and flexible working hours, workplaces are gradually becoming a better place for women in general, and mothers in particular. However, for at-home mothers, creating clean and healthy environments for their infants and toddlers is still a challenge, and technology giants like LG Electronics are paving the way for more intuitive, time-saving and eco-friendly solutions to make new mothers’ lives just a little easier.

    The LG PuriCare Air Purifier is just one of LG’s smart appliances that helps new mothers breathe a little easier when it comes to creating a clean and healthy baby-friendly environment.

    Featuring Baby Care, the LG PuriCare Air Purifier ensures that infants and toddlers breathe in clean, particulate- and pollutant-free air indoors thanks to its innovative independently operational lower vents. Conventionally, air purifiers are designed to distribute air using convectional currents, sending air up and around for spatial coverage. However, this method does not distribute air evenly at ground level, which is usually where toddlers play or crawl. LG’s specially designed vents ensure that clean, filtered air is efficiently distributed at the ideal height for infants and toddlers. Combined with its comprehensive filtration technology – a 6-step filtration system designed to remove large dust, ultra-fine dust, allergens, odours, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and smog compounds – and 360° coverage, every corner of the home is safe for infants and toddlers.

    Featuring TrueSteam? technology, LG’s TWINWASH Washing Machines can remove 99.99 percent of harmful germs, mites and allergens from babies’ clothes thanks to its innovative and advanced approach to steam care. TrueSteam? technology activates Allergy Care, Steam Refresh and Steam Softener? to greatly improve the cleanliness and comfort of delicate babywear, without the need for harmful chemical-based detergents and fabric softeners. More importantly, it does so in minutes, meaning mothers can spend more free time caring for their babies, instead of worrying about their hygiene.

    With LG’s range of smart refrigerators, cooking and storing healthy and nutritious meals for infants and toddlers is easier and more convenient. Thanks to time-saving innovations like InstaView, available on the LG InstaView Refrigerators, mothers can instantly know what’s in their fridge with a simple double-tap on the sleek glass panel, making it easier for them to plan grocery lists and meals for their babies. It also reduces the need to frequently open the fridge doors, meaning things stay fresher, longer, reducing food waste and ensuring healthy ingredients for homemade baby food. Other innovative technologies like FRESHBalancerTM and Moist Balance CrisperTM ensure that fruits and vegetables are at their best quality, by carefully maintaining optimal levels of moisture and humidity. LG’s HygieneFRESH+TM technology, with its 5-step air filter, ensures that the fridge is free of 99.999 percent of bacteria and odours, resulting in clean and nutritious food for babies any time.

    Thanks to LG’s philosophy of working to include smart compatibility to its line-up of devices, all of these appliances are connected for seamless smartphone operation through the LG SmartThinQ App. Even if mothers have to step out of their homes, they can monitor the air quality of their homes, the temperature of their fridge and even turn the washing machine on, with just a few clicks, from anywhere. Now that is what creating a smart home for mothers is all about.