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    Industry-First Two Loads at the Same Time with LG’s Revolutionary Twin Wash?


    LG’s front loading washer’s revolutionary TWIN Wash? System, is the ultimate laundry system, giving you the power to wash two loads of laundry at the same time.

    LG Twin Wash

    The innovative LG TWIN Wash? is all about efficiency, helping to get more clothes cleaner in less time. While a big load can be done in the front-loading washer up top, the smaller LG SideKick? unit simultaneously washes a second load down below. Not only does it function as a secondary washer, but it’s also a pedestal to raise your front-loading washer and it’s discretely styled with a concealed control panel to match the pedestal beneath the dryer. 

    For added convenience, the door of the main washer is aligned with the drum’s center, positioned higher than on conventional models and tilted at an angle to make loading and unloading the main drum easier.

    Commenting on this unique and impressive technology by LG Electronics, Kevin Cha, Executive Vice President, LG Electronics, Middle East & Africa, said,” At LG Electronics, we are committed to making life better for consumers around the world by providing thoughtfully designed products that offer powerful performance with uncompromised reliability. Our industry-first technology of TWIN Wash? is an epitome of the superiority of technology that we offer and we are optimistic that our consumers will enjoy a whole new level of washing with the TWIN Wash?.”

    TWIN Wash? not only washes more laundry faster, it's also easier to use. It boasts an ergonomically elevated and angled door that makes loading and unloading faster, as well as a control panel located on the door itself.

    Another important feature of LG’s new TWIN Wash? is the significant reduction in washing time.  Twin Wash washing machines offer state-of-the-art features including TurboWash which saves up to 30 minutes on larger loads without sacrificing on cleaning performance. The front-loading design makes loading and unloading easier while LG’s steam technology gently cleans, extending the life of the clothes.

    The powerful main washer — available in 21kg capacity — handles the bulk of the laundry, while the LG SideKick? can be set to run a different wash cycle with a smaller load. Smaller loads can be washed when needed without having to wait until a full wash load has accumulated, saving users’ time. Likewise, due to its unique size, the LG SideKick? weighing 3.5kg is perfect for delicate or specialized items such as baby clothes and lingerie.

    The TWIN Wash? also features LG’s unique TurboWash? 2.0 technology. The nozzles positioned inside the drum of the main washer spray a concentrated solution of detergent directly onto the clothes, improving the unit’s cleaning performance.

    Another high pressure nozzle sprays tiny water particles through the clothes during high spin cycles for more effective rinsing. In addition, the revolutionary Inverter Direct Drive motor at the heart of the LG Twin Wash? is attached directly to the drum, improving efficiency and reducing the number of moving parts, leading to enhanced durability.

    Finally, the washing machine’s Energy Monitoring feature provides helpful data while LG’s proprietary HomeChat? service is available in the 21kg system allowing users to physically text their washing machine to check the status or even start-up the cycle. The Twin Wash features an easy to use integrated control panel that gives access to everything one needs right at the fingertips.

    In a bid to offer consumers with greater convenience, the LG SideKick? can be purchased separately to give current owners of LG front loading washing machines all the benefits of the TWIN Wash? at a fraction of the cost. Likewise, the LG SideKick? is compatible with many of LG Electronics latest front load washers.

    Featuring cutting-edge washing machine technology, as well as a sleek, modern design – LG washing machines not only make the clothes look their best – they make the home look brilliant, too.