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    Middle East & Africa Coined Key Contributors for LG Electronics at Innofest 2016


    LG Electronics today marked the start of InnoFest, its two-day innovation festival attracting over 250 retailers, partners and customers from across the region. Hosted under the theme ‘Innovation for a Better Life’, the event reaffirms LG’s commitment and underlines its robust plans for the Middle East & Africa region, by ushering in a new and exciting product line-up for the year.

    LG Innovative Products

    Commenting at the event, Kevin Cha, Executive Vice President at LG Electronics for the Middle East & Africa region said, “The Middle East region has witnessed an exponential growth over the years and riding along with this fast paced development and while keeping pace with it, we at LG Electronics have robust plans for the region and we envision to become a leader by offering an edge over global competition. We are strengthening our line-up by introducing new and innovative products to the existing large portfolio of products that we already possess.”

    LG Leadership

    From the revolutionary OLED TVs to the groundbreaking TWIN Wash? washing machines, and everything in between, InnoFest 2016 laid the ground for an impressive showcase of LG’s innovative product line-up, incorporating the latest technology with the primary aim to make consumers lives easier. Taking a step further and in a bid to offer its customers an edge with innovation, LG’s latest and premium LG SIGNATURE line-up was also highlighted at the show.

     LG Signature

    LG’s new LG SIGNATURE range of premium products that includes the latest 4K OLED TV, a high tech refrigerator, washing machine and an air purifier is part of the company’s efforts to bring the best technology and best designs together. The LG SIGNATURE design concept was to make the product appear more intuitive while maintaining a minimalistic design.

    While the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV is a leap forward in design with the screen looking like a floating sheet of glass that eliminates everything except the stunning picture quality, the LG SIGNATURE refrigerator adds some innovative features that are designed to make the product more intuitive, more efficient and more convenient.

    And last but not the least, LG’s SIGNATURE Air Purifier comes with a transparent panel to make the air purification a visual experience as the Aqua Cyclone feature uses water to filter out chemicals and contaminants to bring the room to comfortable humidity levels.

    As part of InnoFest 2016, LG discussed its robust plans to expand and enhance its product line-up across the Middle East & Africa region including its strengths in designing and developing stylish products with smarter localized solutions and unveiled its plans for the LG SIGNATURE Line-up during the year.

    In addition to the LG SIGNATURE lineup, key focus on innovation was showcased with the company’s flagship OLED TV loaded with the latest display technologies, including high dynamic range (HDR). The G6 and E6 are the first TVs from LG to feature the company’s unique Picture-On-Glass design, which boasts an ultra-thin 2.57mm OLED panel with a translucent glass back and forward-facing sound bar speaker system.

    From the Home Appliances category, LG’s front loading washing machine stole the show with its revolutionary TWIN Wash? System as it gives consumers the power to wash two loads of laundry at the same time. That’s not all, alongside, LG’s other innovative home appliance product line-up including the air conditioning line-up, LG’s award winning laundry innovation, LG Styler - a sleek new clothing management system having an easy and time-saving way to maintain and refresh special clothing items was also highlighted.

    Mr Cha added, “While InnoFest not only showcases our product strength, it creates an impeccable opportunity for us to focus on the many relationships we cultivate with our retailers and distributors who believe in the LG brand and have made us a household name in the region. We thank our partners and customers for their support and trusting in the LG brand for its innovation and product excellence.”

    Along with a gamut of products from the Home Appliance and the Home Entertainment categories, LG’s impressive line of mobile communications device – the latest V10 was also a highlight.

    With innovation at the forefront, LG Electronics has also been pursuing a premium-market strategy, providing the opportunity for the company to position itself as a technology innovator with a flair for convenience, design and style.