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    Winter inspires LG to innovate for a cozier and efficient smart home


    Winter inspires LG to innovate for a cozier and efficient smart home


    Dubai-UAE: 18 February 2018 – Winter is a time where people spend most of their time engaging in indoor activities with friends and family before the heat from summer begins. And, as many people choose to enjoy their time at home, winter has been the key season that has inspired LG to develop a smart ecosystem with innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and convenience within any home.

    Recently at CES 2018, LG introduced a variety of robots  and new technology engineered with artificial intelligence to power the smart home of the future. Although this was a glimpse of what we can soon expect to have in the Gulf region, LG electronics and home appliances already come equipped with SmartThinQ? empowering homeowners with new ways to control your home whether it is for a more personalized experience when doing chores, an enhanced viewing experience when livestreaming on-demand content on LG’s OLED TVs and more. LG appliances with SmartThinQ? technology will change the way you think—and the way you live.

    “LG smart home electronics and appliances do not just increase convenience and experience, but also saves people time, money and energy,” said Mr. Yong Geun Choi, President LG Electronics Gulf. “Winter is typically the season whereby people tend to spend most of their time indoors in a heated environment, watching TV whilst avoiding the cold temperature, which results in higher energy costs. At LG our primary focus is to provide our customers with the best possible solutions to make their homes comfortable without increasing costs and our range of products work seamlessly together to ensure that the customers always save time and resources without compromising on luxury and comfort.”

    LG introduced a variety of user-friendly products over the years to help people live more efficient lives without increasing costs. For example, the LG InstaView refrigerator whereby people can look inside with just a simple knock on the door – saving energy – as well as the LG TWINWash washing machine which can wash two loads at the same time – saving water, energy and money.

    “Winter has the power to dictate the smallest details of our lives, from how we use everyday home electronics and appliances all the way to how we secure our privacy,” added Mr. Choi. “Our home appliances, electronics and robots are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that although the weather may play a factor in influencing our decisions, LG’s technology will mitigate the time people take to make our decisions so they can enjoy any season as opposed to being concerned about their budgets and health.”

    LG continues to innovate keeping the end-consumer in mind. It strives to identify situations to help people become more productive and efficient in their daily lives in order to save them time, effort and money.

    The company’s recent move towards integrating AI into home electronics and appliances is just the start of a plethora of solutions that will be designed and engineered to offer people the ability to live more convenient lives regardless of which season it may be.




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