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    • LINEAR Cooling? helps maintain precise temperatures with fluctuations kept between ±0.5℃ over time by providing cold air more frequently with LG's strategically located sensor.

    *Based on UL test results using LG's internal testing method of measuring the time it took to reach the 5% weight reduction rate of pak choi on the shelf of the fresh food compartment of LGE Linear Cooling model GBB72NSDFN,GSX961MCVZ,GF-L570PL,B607S. **The result may vary in actual usage.
    *Based on test results by UL using the IEC62552 energy consumption standard comparing LG's linear inverter model B607S(2017) to LG's conventional inverter model B606S(2016).
    *The testing was conducted according to LG's internal accelerated 20-year life-test protocol. Results based in laboratory tests considering accelerated and proper use conditions. The estimated life span does not constitute any kind of warranty whatsoever.
    *Based on LG internal test comparing noise level between LG's linear inverter model(GBB530NSCXE) and LG's smart inverter model(GA-B459CLWL).

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